Are you wearing a mouth guard?


Mouth guards John A Gerling DDS in McAllen TX

With winter sports right around the corner, many patients here at Dr. John Gerling’s office will once again pick up the ball, bring the cleats out of seasonal retirement and hit the fields and courts for the return of sports action! During this time, however, Dr. Gerling and our team urge our young athletes to play it safe when out on the field. Here are a few ways to ensure your mouth’s safety this fall and winter, courtesy of our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists:

1. Wear mouth guards for contact sports such as basketball, wrestling and hockey
2. Wear a helmet
3. Wear protective eyewear
4. Wear a face shield to avoid scratched or bruised skin
5. Be alert, even as a spectator

We hope that helps! Dr. Gerling and team will tell you protective gear is vital for anyone engaging in tooth or mouth-threatening activities. If you have any further questions about any of these tips, please contact our office or ask us on Facebook.