Patient Rewards Program

Dr. Gerling and Dr. Ryan’s Wheel of Fun Punch Card

The punch card program is designed to be a fun and easy way to encourage and congratulate great patient cooperation. Your card will be kept with your chart.

How To Earn Punches

  • 2 punches for wearing your McAllen Orthodontic Group T-Shirt to your appointment
  • 2 punches for arriving on time to your regularly scheduled appointment
  • 2 punches for having nothing loose or broken
  • 2 punches for getting an ‘A’ on your brushing
  • 2 punches for proof of dental cleaning

When you get 18 punches you can spin the wheel!

When you invite a friend to come in for a free orthodontic exam, you will get a free spin. Be sure to check out the wheel during your next visit to see the fun prizes you can win.