Our Team

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice. We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.


Staff Dana at McAllen Orthodontic Group in McAllen, TX

Dana Schultz

As our office manager, I take care of marketing and make sure that the office has a pleasant atmosphere for our patients and staff. I also make sure our Facebook and YouTube pages are current and fun! I began in the orthodontic field 37 years ago because I knew I wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Our patients are wonderful to get to know and they always make me smile. I’ve been with Dr. Gerling for 32 of those years and look forward to working with our awesome team every day.

I am married to Steve and we have two grown children, Lawrence and Jessica. We also have a Poodle named Katie, a Boston Terrier named Bella, and a Corgie named Maggie. In my free time, I enjoy reading and growing my own veggies!

Staff Melissa at McAllen Orthodontic Group in McAllen, TX

Melissa Reyes

I’ve managed our patients’ treatment for Dr. Gerling for 18 years. I love seeing the wonderful results our patients achieve and I enjoy building relationships with them. Meeting all these wonderful people has brought confidence and inspiration to my life. Dr. Gerling is a very kind, generous, and respectful person. He has helped me build confidence in myself and has taught me so much.

I am married to Mario, and we have two grown children J.D. and Zalika. We also have a small farm of horses, dogs, cats, and turtles. I enjoy reading, camping, traveling, spending time at the beach, and target shooting and doing it all with my family is the best.

Staff Jeanette at McAllen Orthodontic Group in McAllen, TX

Jeannette Garcia

Since 2002, I’ve been managing our patients’ treatment and making sure their records are complete and up-to-date. I love making our patients feel great about their smiles and getting to know them over their treatment time. It is very rewarding to know I’m making a positive difference in people’s lives. I also feel very blessed to work for Dr. Gerling. He is a wonderful person and makes us feel like family.

I am originally from Edinburg and currently reside in Pharr.

Maritza Ramírez

I’ve been managing our patients’ treatment for 10 years. I love seeing the beautiful results our patients achieve when they’re done with their treatment. Our team gets along really well even though we all have different personalities and characters. Dr. Ryan is such a fun person to work with and I enjoy coming in the office every day.

I am originally from Detroit and now love the small home town living of McAllen, Tx. I spend most of my time travelling with my daughter Sara’s volley ball team which we really enjoy.

Staff Lucy at McAllen Orthodontic Group in McAllen, TX

Lucy Ortega

I answer our phones, schedule patient appointments, and keep the office flowing well. Seeing our patients with beautiful smiles makes me feel good about the work we do here, and I know we’re making a positive difference in people’s lives. The staff here is like a family, and we enjoy spending time with each other in and out of the office.

I currently reside in McAllen with my husband, Juan. We have two daughters, Dulce and Paola, and one lovely granddaughter. I also have a Corgie named Fonzy. I love cooking and baking, gardening, and spending time with my family.

Staff Amanda at McAllen Orthodontic Group in McAllen, TX

Amanda Garza

It is my job to make our new patients comfortable in the office and review treatment plans with Dr. Gerling, the patients, and their parents. I’ve been a proud member of this team since 1988 and love making people feel good about their teeth and improving their smiles. Working here has taught me to be patient and really listen to other people’s needs.

I have lived in Mission my entire life. My husband’s name is Homer and we have two children, Andres and Sophia, and a miniature Schnauzer, Roxy. I love crafting and walking my dog, and I am involved in many activities through my church.

Staff Jenny at McAllen Orthodontic Group in McAllen, TX

Jenny Hernandez

I work in our lab where I make retainers, appliances, and manage all of our retention patients. I’ve been in the field of orthodontics for 41 years, 25 of those with Dr. Gerling, and I still get excited when our patients achieve beautiful smiles. Dr. Gerling is wonderful, generous, and fun to work with. I truly admire him and all the work he does.

I live in McAllen and have one Chihuahua Jenna, a Yorkie named Xinna and a Dachshund named Frida. I love to travel, dance, and read in my free time.

Staff McAllen Orthodontic Group in McAllen, TX

Aurora Davila

I have been a member of team Gerling since 2013. It is my job to handle billing and Insurance.

I am married to Rudy and have 3 children R.J., Nyssa and Isaiah. I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my daughter play soccer. Looking forward to the years ahead watching Isaiah play the trombone in band.


I’m thrilled to work with this dynamic group of individuals that I now call family. My job is so rewarding because I get to help bring the best out of every one of my patients. Knowing that I had a part in perfecting their smiles and seeing each patient beam with confidence is what I love the most. I’ve been married to my husband Adolfo, who is a U.S. Marine veteran, for 25 years. We have two daughters, Emily 24, and Abby 16. I am passionate about nature, wildlife, sealife, and conservation, especially endangered sea turtles. I’m also an active member of my daughter Abby’s Varsity volleyball & FFA booster clubs. We have four mini schnauzers that complete our little family whose names are Kokomo, Eugene, Rip, and Lilly. It was a blessing being hired by Dr. Gerling and Dr. Ryan. I look forward to what the future holds.