Jungle Book Online Scavenger Hunt Contest!

At Gerling Orthodontics, we are celebrating the upcoming release of the new Jungle Book movie with an online contest! We have hidden illustrations of various animals across our website. Click here to find out how to play. You could win a pair of Vans Jungle Themed sneakers! Contest ends May 31st. Good luck!

Read on below for some interesting trivia from the new Jungle Book movie.

  • In The Jungle Book (1967), King Louie was an orangutan; in this film, he’s a gigantopithecus, an ancestor of the orangutan whose range is believed to have included parts of India. This change in species was made to make the film more fantastic and since orangutans are not native to India.
  • This is the first time that Kaa the Snake is portrayed as a female, rather than a male.
  • The computer generated character Baloo is so large and furry, he took almost five hours of rendering time per frame.
  • The film released in India on April 8, a week ahead of its U.S. debut, to pay tribute to the Indian environment of the film/novel.
  • The animal characters were both motion captured by and performed live on set by puppeteers from the Jim Henson Company. For the on-set performances, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop built elaborate life-sized puppets to act alongside Mowgli and serve as eye-lines.