Peanuts Contest Winner

The Brenner family has won our Peanuts Movie Contest! Their prize is a $50 gift card to the movies. Congratulations!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest. To have been eligible to win this contest, patients must be compliant with their treatment and also correctly answer at least four of the seven Peanuts trivia questions provided. Below you will find a recap of the questions along with the correct answers (the questions were originally multiple choice):

  1. Charlie Brown is noted for two features, one is his sweater and the other is this: Big Head
  2. Where does Woodstock like to swim? Dog Dish
  3. Who thinks Snoopy is just a funny-looking kid with a big nose? Peppermint Patty
  4. Who does Schroeder have sitting on his piano? Beethoven
  5. Name the dirty character that always has a cloud of dust surrounding him: Pigpen
  6. What is the name of Snoopy’s brother? Spike
  7. What is Lucy and Linus’ last name? Van Pelt

Did you know that the Peanuts comic strip had nearly 18,000 strips published throughout its 50-year run? That makes it arguably the longest story ever told by one person!

At the peak of its popularity, Peanuts was printed in more than 75 countries and translated into 21 different languages.